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Robot welding

Welding of steel fittings (elbows, reducers, branches, fixed points, …) is performed automatically using a special purpose robot welding of Japanese manufacturers’ Fanuko “.
Welding is done by electric procedure of welding with soluble wire electrode, using the MIG / Mag, ie a numerical procedure 135. Welding are done in protective atmosphere of gas mixture (MAGM) 80% argon and 20% CO2 (M21).

Welding with robot completely eliminates the possibility of errors during welding because there is no deviation in any given welding parameter.

Audit of quality of welds is performed by radiographic method in the percentage according to standard or per customer’s request, reports are forwarded on delivery of pre-insulated elements.

IZOLIR is the first domestic factory and leader in the field of pre-insulated pipes for district heating and following equipment, as well as in manufacturing pre-insulated pipes for high pressure gas pipelines.

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