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The development path of  “IZOLIR” begins on April 17, 1984 year, when Mr. Miroslav Matic with his 7 closest associates founded the Contracting organization of associated labor.

Today the company operates under the name “IZOLIR” as a joint stock company and it is privately owned. The company A.D. “IZOLIR” is run by Mr. Miroslav Matic all these 35 years, and he still successfully running a company. AD “IZOLIR” currently employs 40 workers in permanent employment.

AD “IZOLIR” operates at two separate locations with a total business and production space of 11,000 m² and warehouse space of 30,000 m².

IZOLIR is the first domestic factory and leader in the field of pre-insulated pipes for district heating and following equipment, as well as in manufacturing pre-insulated pipes for high pressure gas pipelines.

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