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Production of thermo-shrinkable joints EN 489

AD “IZOLIR” produce according to the latest technology, thermo shrinkable joints for protection of pipe joints.

Thermo shrinkable joints are made from high density polyethylene HDPE, and were carried out fully in accordance with European standard EN 489.

Diameters of the shells are made from Ø90 to Ø630mm.

Shells lengths are performed by contemporary standards and customer demand of 500, 600 and 700mm.

The quality of the produced thermo-shrink joints is controlled by the FFI Institute in Hanover, as evidenced by a certificate in accordance with the EN 489.

Thermo shrinkable joints are supplied in individual packaging in a protective UV – stabilizing foil.

With thermo shrinkable joints are supplied other elements of the joints:

  • Thermo shrinkable tubes – sleeves
  • Glue for joint – mastic tape
  • Plug for discharge of air
  • Tapered plug for joint
  • Seal of the cap – FOPS
  • Spacer for alerts
  • Copper joints for connection of alert
  • PUR – foam

IZOLIR is the first domestic factory and leader in the field of pre-insulated pipes for district heating and following equipment, as well as in manufacturing pre-insulated pipes for high pressure gas pipelines.

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