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Pre-insulated pipes DIN 30670


Pre-insulated pipes IZOPOL correspond to a long topical question of the market from the standpoint of transportation of gas, water, oil and other fluids.

Thus performed insulated pipe IZOPOL are used in all areas, especially are suitable for aggressive land, which is possible because of polyethylene coating which possesses a high degree of chemical, mechanical and thermal properties.

IZOPOL pre-insulated pipes are designed for high pressure fluid from 16 to 25 bars.

Isolation requires previously well cleaned and protected AKZ surface of steel pipe, we get it by shot blasting process by which we achieve a high degree of required purity up to Sa.2.5.

Polyethylene specifications:

  • treatment N-low density according to DIN 30670 (LDPE)
  • treatment S-middle-density according to DIN 30670 (MDPE)
  • polypropylene coating according to DIN 30 678 (PP)

The quality of steel pipes at the request of the Purchaser in accordance with API 5L grade B, ASTM A106, ASTM A53, DIN, EN, …

The insulation system is consisted of:

  • first coat – epoxide resins primer
  • second coat – agents for adhesion
  • extruded polyethylene coating




Izveštaj o ispitivanju hidroizolovanih cevi


Advantages of pre-insulated pipesIZOPOL are based on:

  • 50-year useful life
  • according to mechanical properties they are very suitable for the installation of pipelines in rocky ground and stone ground,
  • high resistance to fracture and stroke,
  • ease and speed of installation and assembly,
  • possibility for pre-insulation of existing excavated pipeline.


With this system of production and assembly, pre-insulated IZOPOL pipes, expel following costs:

  • transport of sand,
  • placing sand trenches,
  • production of concrete troughs,
  • disposal of excavation.


The ends of pipes and pipe elements are performed upon request the purchaser.
Welded joints between two pipes are protected with thermo shrinkable joints.

Standard for thermo shrinkable joints DIN EN 12 068, DIN 30672.

IZOLIR is the first domestic factory and leader in the field of pre-insulated pipes for district heating and following equipment, as well as in manufacturing pre-insulated pipes for high pressure gas pipelines.

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